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Coach Watkins

Patrick Watkins joined North Lamar during the spring of 2014 as the Director of Sports Performance.  His department oversees the athletic and nutritional development of all North Lamar athletic programs and serves the needs of over 400 student athletes.  Coach Watkins received both his BS and MSE degrees from the University of Kansas in Health and Sport and Exercise Science as well as two national certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS) and USA Weight Lifting (Sports Performance Coach-1).

Watkins comes to North Lamar after serving as Intern and Interim Assistant at the University of Houston.  During his time at UH, he trained a wide variety of sports including Football, Volleyball, Golf, Track & Field, and Basketball.  Prior to UH he served as a GA at MidAmerica University a member of the NAIA and intern of the University of Kansas.  Coach Watkins is married to his wife Haley, with a son Mason and another child on the way. 


The mission of the North Lamar Sports Performance program is to provide every student with the very best evidence based training programs.  To provide both strength and conditioning programs that are committed to developing students into the best athlete and person they can be.  A program dedicated to improving our athletes strength, power, speed, flexibility and nutrition.  We will develop team unity, leadership, mental toughness, and discipline.  We will educate our athletes on the importance of exercise, rest, injury prevention, and nutrition for not only their high school careers but life outside of sport as well.


Sports performance programs must be specific for each sports goal.  Emphasis must be placed on developing athletes to be successful at their chosen sports.  Although each sport has its own specific physiological requirements, there are 5 goals every athlete needs to achieve which are muscular strength; muscular power; flexibility; speed; nutrition/recovery.  Knowing the body follows the SAID principal (Specific Adaptions to Imposed Demands)  these goals can be met by using periodization; pre-planned systematic variations in training specificity, intensity and volume that are organized in specific cycles within the overall program.

At North Lamar we train with ground based free weights and complex exercises that require a great deal of technique and effort.  These exercises are full body exercises and require you to exert a great deal of energy every time you step into the weight room.  It is important to understand that athletes are not just bodybuilders, Olympic weightlifters, or power lifters. Rather a combination of the three that takes the best from each area and applies them to an athletic training program.  We will perform many of the same exercises that athletes in each respective sports do.  They are arranged, sequenced, and prescribed in a manner that is designed for athletes to be able to give maximum effort for every exercise and every rep.

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