Administration Office
Name Title/Position Email
Adams, Dr Jason Superintendent
Akard, Jeff NLISD Police Officer/DARE Officer
Allen, Janell Bookkeeper/Payroll
Baird, Gala Business Office Secretary
Boaz, Mike NLISD Chief of Police
Chadwick Ed.D., Angela Assistant Superintendent
Crutcher, Tammy Part-Time Business Manager
Dagenhart, Daron NLISD Police Officer
Garrison, Cheryl Assistant Superintendent Secretary
Kattes, Kanetta Superintendent Secretary
Miles, Tami Finance Director
Tuttle, Joe NLISD Police Officer
White, Chandra Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Alternative School
Name Title/Position Email
Anthony, Brenda DAEP Teacher
Burnett, Sandra DAEP Teacher
Daniels, Richard PACE Assistant
Moss, Jeremy PACES Teacher
Sheppard, Rachel PACES Assistant
Name Title/Position Email
Allen, Jamie 9th Grade Football/9th Grade Basketball/Head Golf Boys
Ballard, Caleb Jr. High Cross Country/Head Girls Soccer Coach
Ballard, Samatha Asst. HS Girls Soccer
Barker, Cole Athletic Trainer
Barker, Kathy Softball/Volleyball
Blackshear, Lindsey Head Jr. High Basketball/Jr. High Volleyball
Bryant, Martin Head Track/Asst HS Football
Carder, Leddy Jr. High Head Track/H.S. Football
Chalupa, Chad 8th Grade Head Basketball
Clark, Chris Jr. High Track/Jr. High Basketball/Jr. High Football
Cooper, Thomas Asst. HS Football/Head Powerlifting
Cormier, Christina Jr. High Volleyball/Jr. High Basketball
Cowling, Michael Football/Track
Craig, Kent Head Baseball/Jr. High Football
Daniels, Don Jr. High Track/Jr. High Basketball/Jr. High Football
Emeyabbi, Aaron Athletic Director/Head Football
Emeyabbi, Katie Head Girls Powerlifting/HS Track
Endsley, Ashley HS Head Softball/HS Volleyball
Erickson, Shanon Swim
Fitzgerald, Nicole Athletic Secretary/Asst. Cheer HS
Ford, Misty HS Head Volleyball/Jr. High Track
Gaines, Jairus Asst. HS Football/Special Teams Cord/HS Track
Garner, Homer Head Tennis Coach/Head Boy's Basketball
Hart, David H.S. Coordinator/HS Asst. Head Football Coach/HS Track
Jordan, Josh Jr. High Football/HS Asst. Baseball
McDowell, Hillory Jr. High Cheerleading
McGuire, LeAnn Head Cross Country/HS Track
Monds, Taqoya JV Girls Basketball/HS Track
Nottingham, Cortnee Jr. High Cheerleading
Pasternak, David Jr. High Football/JV Soccer
Pointer, Michael HS Football/8th Grade Head Basketball
Rea, Jonathan Jr. High Football/Jr. High Basketball
Sims, Kenneth Jr. High Volleyball/Asst. Basketball
Smith, Chris Jr. High Football/H.S. Baseball
Watkins, Patrick Strength & Conditioning/HS Football
Weiss, Lisa Asst. Head HS Volleyball/Jr. High Basketball/Jr. High Track
Welch, Aaron Filming/Head Boys Soccer
Bailey Intermediate School
Name Title/Position Email
Aguinaga, Patricia RTI Reading
Allen, Betty Computer Assistant
Armstrong, Shayla PE
Baker, Karen Library
Bostic, Keia Chrome Lab Assistant
Brady, Melissa PE Assistant
Bramhall, Sandra RTI Reading
Brazeal, Michelle 4th Language Arts/Reading/Social Studies
Byrd, Charity Extended Core Curriculum Assistant
Chalupa, Keitha Counselor
Clayton, Dandria 4th Reading/Science/Social Studies
Cobey, Aimee Assistant
Coe, Christi Special Education Inclusion
Compton, Angela Principal
Cox, Holly Assistant
Daniels, Don PE Assistant
Easton, Michelle Dyslexia
Erickson, Shanon Nurse
Fleming, Wendi Auditory Impairment Teacher
Gordon, Maureen 4th Language Arts/Reading
Harville, Kathy Special Education Inclusion
Heuberger, Tabetha 4th Math/Science
Hudson, Amy Communication Specialist
Johnson, Addy 5th Math/Science
Johnson, Karen Special Education Inclusion
Keenum, Stephen 5th Language Arts/Math/Science
Kennedy, Angelia 5th Reading/Language Arts/Social Studies
Klingler, Roxanne Inclusion Assistant
Klinkerman, Tammy Dyslexia
Kuhlengel, Jennifer RTI Reading
Lacey, Kim 5th Reading/Science/Social Studies
Linch, Anna 4th Writing
Mason, Patricia Extended Core Curriculum
Michael, Patti Nurse Assistant
Moreland, Brittany 4th Math/Science
Morris, Dustin Teacher
Perry, Stephanie Assistant
Preston, Toni 5th Reading/Social Studies
Reams, April Secretary
Reaves, Heather 4th Math/Science
Sharrock, Hailey 5th Grade Reading/ELA/Social Studies
Smith, Kayla SPED Assistant
Smith, Lauren Library Assistant
Stephens, Cheryl Special Education Inclusion
Walker, Molly Attendance Clerk
Walters, Alexandria 4th Reading/Social Studies
Weemes, Christina RTI Math
Career and Technology
Name Title/Position Email
Beall, Nancy CTE Secretary
Bell, Jan Career and Technical Education
Garner, Kristi Career and Technical Education
Middleton, Joyce Sp Ed CTE Assistant
Page, Casey Career and Technical Education
Parson, Yvonne Career and Technical Education
Penwell, Kyle Career and Technical Education
Pevey, Carrie Career and Technical Education
Reaves, Jared Career and Technical Education
Swaim, Patt Career and Technical Education
Weatherford, Judy Career and Technical Education
Everett Elementary School
Name Title/Position Email
Allen, Melissa SPED Teacher
Allred, Debbie 2nd
Bishop, Stephanie 3rd
Bland, Taylor 2nd
Bolton, Janna Secretary jbolton@northlamar.ent
Caldwell, Mark ECC Teacher
Cannada, Ali 2nd
Culbertson, Suzanne 3rd
Davidson, Annette ISS Assistant
Dollins, Dedra Sp Ed Success/Math Inclusion
Dyck, Madison 3rd
Eads, JoNel 3rd
Emeyabbi, Cassidy Nurse
Fendley, Lara Gifted & Talented
Figueroa, Casidy PEIMS Clerk
Gifford, Debra 2nd/3rd Assistant
Haage, Amy 2nd
Hart, Marla 3rd
Haynie, Jennifer 2nd
Hazelwood, Patricia ECC Assistant
Kays, Jana Success Assistant
Klinkerman, Tammy Dyslexia
Lane, Kara Math Lab
Malone, Courtney Music
McEwin, Jennifer Sp Ed Success Center
Michael, Doris 2nd
Michael, Tammy 2nd Assistant
Miller, Joni 3rd Assistant
Mitchell, Jana Literacy
Parson, Rainey 3rd
Perry, Kim 2nd
Pierce, Amanda Computer Lab Assistant
Prunty, Tracey Physical Education teacher
Rainey, Ruth 3rd
Raulston, Ashley 2nd
Roberts, David Cafeteria Manager
Saffle, Molly Literacy
Sanders, Lora Principal
Sherwood, Sara 3rd
Stephens, Julie 2nd
Strickland, Melvia Special Services Assistant
Thrasher, Cheryl Sp Ed /Math Inclusion/Success Center
Westbrook, Roxanne Nurse Assistant
Whisenhunt, Regina PE Assistant
Food Services
Name Title/Position Email
McGregor, Diana Director
Rachel Moody Secretary
Name Title/Position Email
Higgins Elementary School
Name Title/Position Email
Ball, Marcia Music Assistant
Barbee, Sandra PPCD Assistant
Barnett, Amanda Kindergarten
Blanton, Kristen Kindergarten
Bolton, Betsy Early Childhood
Browining, Jeri PPCD Assistant
Burris, Melissa Pre-Kindergarten Assistant
Clark, Amber Counselor
Cox, Angie Pre-Kindergarten Assistant
Davis, Jennifer 1st
Eckstein, Sarah 1st
Elmi, Marilyn Cafeteria Manager
Emeyabbi, Cassidy Nurse
Farmer, Carol Office Clerk
Ferguson, Edye PE
Fulton, Lisa Computer Lab Assistant
Gibson, Melissa Reading Interventionist
Godwin, Stacy Success Center Assistant
Halbert, Deana 1st Grade
Harris, Melissa Secretary
Huesca, Teresa Assistant
Johnson, Lynnette Librarian
Jones, Becky Kindergarten
Jordan, Lacey Learning Center Assistant
Lasenbby, Yolanda 1st
Layton, Kerri 1st
Leonard, Karen Kindergarten
Liesman, Rebecca Sign Language Interpreter
Lyles, Galyn PEIMS Clerk
Malone, Lori Principal
McFarland, Barbara Fast Forward Assistant
Miles, Connie Library Assistant
Moody, Janna K-2 Literacy Coach
Moseley, Kathy Oral Language
Owen, Lindsay Kindergarten
Peeples, Belinda Nurse Assistant
Penny, William PE Assistant
Radford, Sierra ECC/K-1st Assistant
Rainey, Ruth Pre-Kindergarten
Ray, Bailee Kindergarten
Risinger, Michelle ECC/K-1st Assistant
Sessums, Marla 1st
Stone, Taylor ECC/K-1st Assistant
Stutsman, Penny Extended Core Curriculum K-1
Vanderburg, Cheryl 1st
Name Title/Position Email
Christian, Staci Instructor
Terrell, Delynda Homebound Teacher
Name Title/Position Email
Landis, Rick Maintenance Director
McMonigle, Tracy Secretary
Name Title/Position Email
" " "
North Lamar High School
Name Title/Position Email
Ausmus, Shannon Science/Counselor
Ballard, Caleb Science
Ballard, Samatha Library Assistant sballard@northlama.nrt
Barker, Kathy Counselor
Basden, Debbie Librarian
Bennett, Kevan Special Services
Blakely, Taniqua English
Blakley, Stephanie Assistant
Boaz, Mike Law Enforcement
Boyce,Roderick Assistant Band Director
Bozarth, Wendy Online Courses
Brown, Wes Assistant Principal
Bryant, Sarah SPED Eng. Resource Teacher
Bussell, Teresa Science
Chipman, Noah Ag Teacher
Clark, Debbie Counselor
Coker, Chris English Teacher
Cooper, Thomas DAEP Teacher/Coach
Cormier, Christina PE Teacher
Cowling, Michael Social Studies
Craig, Kent Social Studies
Cruz, Brenda Special Services Assistant
Davis, LaDonna English
Dizmond, Erin Floral Design Teacher
Durand, Amy Foreign Language
Edwards, Beth Social Studies
Endsley, Ashley Math Teacher/Coach
Estep, Theresa Special Services Assistant
Fitzgerald, Tammra Special Services Assistant
Fowzer, Pat Choir
Freeman, Johnnie Dyslexia
Fuller, Anna Associate Secretary
Fuller, Patrick Assistant Principal
Gaines, Jairus PE/Social Studies
Garner, Homer Social Studies
Gomez, Cristian Dance Line
Head, Cody Theatre Director
Hildreth, Rebecca Choir Director
Hiller, Carolyn Math
Hodgkiss, Dennis Social Studies
Hodgkiss, Kristi Foreign Language
Jackson, Joyce Clerk
Jones, Randy Band Director
Jones, Steve Social Studies
Jordan, Josh Special Services
King, Amanda Teacher
Kirk, Kendall Social Studies
Kuhl, Sherry Special Services
LaRue, Cheryl Journalism
Leonard, Julie Inclusion Teacher
McClesky, Stacy Math Teacher
McGuire, LeAnn Science/Math
McNabb, Glynese Special Services
Melton, Kortney ESL Coordinator
Miller, Lindsey English Teacher
Mobley, Stacy Science
Monds, Taqoya Science
Moore, Marlyn Special Services
Moseley, Jackie Special Services Assistant
Moss, Patty Registrar
Nichols, Lydia Special Services
Partridge, Janet PE/AVID
Patterson, Sandra Special Services
Peel, Brandi Art
Peel, Darlene Counselor
Piper, Carla Cafeteria Manager
Price, Terry Fine Arts Secretary
Pursifull, Tom Special Services
Rhea, Christi English
Russell, Elizabeth Principal's Secretary
Russell, Mark English
Russell, Shelley Spanish Teacher
Russell, Timothy Business Ed Teacher
Scarborough, Clayton Principal
Sims, Kenneth Social Studies
Smith, Jason Band Associate Director
Soliz, Amber Chem/Physics
St. John, William Foreign Language
Starnes, Missy Assistant Principal
Tingen, Doil Science
Tuttle, Pam Special Services Assistant
Van Deaver, Viviana Spanish Teacher
Walker, Robert Assistant
Walker, Susan Special Services Assistant
Welch, Aaron Special Services
Wideman, Justine Nurse
Winfrey, Linda English
Wood, Debbie Special Services
Parker Elementary School
Name Title/Position Email
Ashby, Bettie Intervention
Baker, Karen Librarian
Bolton, Amy Dyslexia
Brakebill, Jeri 1st
Briggle, Katie Head Start
Cooper, Kaye Literacy Intervention
Crawford, Tiffani Math Intervention
Creamer, Britany Kindergarten
Creamer, Katrina Computer Lab Assistant kcreamer@northlamar.ent
Denman, Lisa PE
Dobbs, Amber Assistant
Edmonson, Valerie Sp Ed Assistant
Erickson, Shanon Nurse
Fore, Jennifer PE Assistant
Hicks, Vivian Clerk
Hughes, Connie Kindergarten Assistant
Hughes, Kristin Principal
Hutchings, Nicole Assistant
Hutchison, Marion 5th ELAR/Social Studies
Jenkins, Ashlie Assistant
Jennings, Lesley 4th
Johnson, Kim 5th Math
Kelley, Trudy 1st
King, Phyllis Special Education
Landis, Sue Assistant
LaVoy, Melissa 3rd Math/Social Studies
Malone, Courtney Music
Malone, Sharla Reading Interventionist
McGee, Donna Sp Ed Assistant
McKinney, Laura 2nd ELAR
McNeece, Julie Secretary
Moseley, Kathy Fast Forward/Oral Language
Niblett, Teresa Kindergarten
Oliver, Lisa Assistant
Page, Tiffany Counselor
Ramsey, Robbie Nurse Assistant
Russell, Stephanie Cafeteria Manager
Rutherford, Jennifer Science
Wilkerson, Ashely 4th ELAR
Public Relations
Name Title/Position Email
Coleman, Carla Director
Doyal, Launa Web Administrator
Special Services
Name Title/Position Email
Bankston, JoAnna Occupational Therapist
Bivens, Shelly (K-12) ELAR Instructional Coach
Blackshear, Kristi Visually Impaired Teacher
Burton, Wendi Special Education Supervisor
Campbell, Courtney Speech Therapist Assistant
Caswell, Brianne Speech Therapist Assistant
Chadwick, Blake Speech Therapist Assistant
Cooper, Christie Secretary - Speech Therapist
Cooper, Jenifer Diagnostician
Dority, Mindy Physical Therapist
Downs, Debbie Sp Ed Secretary
Fowler, Shelle Speech Therapist Assistant
Freeman, Johnnie Dyslexia/Diagnostician
Igleheart, Tonya Interim Special Education Director
McLaughlin, Ella (K-12) Math Instructional Coach
Moss, Nikki Secretary
Newberry, Carol Diagnostician
Nutt, Georjeana Occupational Therapist
Page, Cathey Speech Therapist
Pope, Wes LSSP
Sawyer, Maria Deaf Education Interpreter
Smith, Kayla Speech Therapist
Thompson, Sheila O&M Specialist
Vanderburg, Heather Assessment Facilitator
Wheeler, Kenda Speech Therapist
White, Brittney LMSW/Transition Coordinator
Whitley, Tuttle ARD Facilitator
Wood, Debbie Dyslexia Therapist
Stone Middle School
Name Title/Position Email
Adams, James Choir
Allee, Sally ECC Assistant
Allen, Jamie Resource Science/PE
Anderson, Janet Cafeteria Manager
Anderson, Marla Counselor
Anderson, Michelle Band
Blackshear, Lindsey Study Skills/Health
Brown, Shawna 6th/7th Science
Brown, Teresa Clerk
Bryant, Jennifer Speech/Reading Readiness
Bryant, Martin Texas History
Bullard, Kimberly 7th Math
Carder, Leddy 6th Study Skills/Health
Carr, Shonda 8th Language Arts/Reading Readiness
Chalupa, Chad Spanish/ESL
Clark, Chris PE
Clark, Loy Dean Assistant Principal
Cobb, Cindy Language Arts
Craig, Tammy 6th Science/Garden Science
Dagenhart, Kelli 6th Inclusion Assistant
Darby, Kandace ISS Assistant
Denman, Matt U.S. History
Dibble, Jodi Assistant
Dunn, Sherry Math/Keyboarding
Easton, Stephanie 7th Science
Elliott, Karen Fine Arts Teacher
Elrod, Jennifer Nurse
Emeyabbi, Katie Athletics
Ervin, Gina Band
Felker, Kenda Fine Arts/Study Skills/Health/Resource SS
Ford, Misty SPED Teacher/Coach
Glossup, Jeremy Science/Robotics
Hart, David Athletics
Head, Merita Counselor
Henry, Markita Assistant
Henson, Christie 8th ELAR
Hess, Sara Journalism/Texas History
Holdeman, Angela Special Education
Jacie Nelson ELA Teacher
Jarrell, Jerry Librarian
Johnson, Tracy Math
Jordan, Casey Texas History
Kirby, Alice ECC/ESL
Kropp, Shelly ECC Assistant
McDowell, Hillory 7th Math/Cheerleading
McGuire, Tammy Sp Ed Inclusion Assistant
McHam, Sheila ECC Assistant
Miller, Lindsey Assistant Principal
Minter, Raven Choir
Morales, Ana Inclusion Assistant
Murdock, Cherie 7th Language Arts
Murillo, Rebecca Drama
Nelson, Jacie ELAR
Noble, Renee Secretary
Nottingham, Cortnee Language Arts
Pasternak, David 8th Outdoor Ed/U.S. History
Pfiester, Karen 6th Inclusion
Pointer, Michael History/Coach
Rea, Jonathan SS Teacher/Coach
Romans, Julie 6th Math
Routon, Sharon Math Lab
Sanders, Kenny 7th Science/Ag
Sanders, Shirley Nurse Assistant
Scott, Stormie Secretary
Sharrock, Janie Math Lab
Slider, Shelia Resource Lang/Math
Smith, Chris 8th Math
Stewart, Kelli Principal
Stone, Lessia 6th/8th Extended Core Curriculum
Tellez, Joseph 8th Computer Applications
Vukcevich, Gala Language Arts
Weiss, Lisa Athletics/Resource SS
Williams, Renee Sp Ed Assistant
Womack, Donna Library/Office/Dyslexia Assistant
Name Title/Position Email
Herre, John Specialist
Ingram, Jodie Instructional Coordinator
Parson, Glenda Coordinator
Preas, David Specialist
Name Title/Position Email
Hildreth, Clint Transportation Director
McMonigle, Tracy Secretary
Merritt, Jake Supervisor
Tidwell, Linda Assistant