Administration Office
Name Title/Position Email
Adams, Dr Jason Superintendent jasonadams@northlamar.net
Akard, Jeff NLISD Police Officer/DARE Officer jakard@northlamar.net
Allen, Janell Bookkeeper/Payroll jallen@northlamar.net
Baird, Gala Business Office Secretary gbaird@northlamar.net
Boaz, Mike NLISD Chief of Police mboaz@northlamar.net
Crutcher, Tammy Part-Time Business Manager tcrutcher@northlamar.net
Dagenhart, Daron NLISD Police Officer ddagenhart@northlamar.net
Garrison, Cheryl Assistant Superintendent Secretary cgarrison@northlamar.net
Kattes, Kanetta Superintendent Secretary kkattes@northlamar.net
Miles, Tami Finance Director tmiles@northlamar.net
Tuttle, Joe NLISD Police Officer jtuttle@northlamar.net
White, Chandra Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment chandrawhite@northlamar.net
Alternative School
Name Title/Position Email
Anthony, Brenda DAEP Teacher banthony@northlamar.net
Burnett, Sandra DAEP Teacher sburnett@northlamar.net
Daniels, Richard PACE Assistant ddaniels@northlamar.net
Davidson, Jarod DAEP Teacher jdavidson@northlamar.net
Moss, Jeremy PACES Teacher jmoss@northlamar.net
Pursifull, Claudia PACES Teacher cpursifull@northlamar.net
Sheppard, Rachel PACES Assistant rsheppard@northlamar.net
Name Title/Position Email
Allen, Jamie 9th Grade Football/9th Grade Basketball/Head Golf Boys jamieallen@northlamar.net
Ballard, Caleb Jr. High Cross Country/Head Girls Soccer Coach cballard@northlamar.net
Ballard, Samatha Asst. HS Girls Soccer sballard@northlamar.net
Barker, Cole Athletic Trainer cbarker@northlamar.net
Barker, Kathy Softball/Volleyball kbaker@northlamar.net
Blackshear, Lindsey Head Jr. High Basketball/Jr. High Volleyball lblackshear@northlamar.net
Bryant, Martin Head Track/Asst HS Football mbryant@northlamar.net
Carder, Leddy Jr. High Head Track/H.S. Football lcarder@northlmar.net
Chalupa, Chad 8th Grade Head Basketball cchalupa@northlamar.net
Clark, Chris Jr. High Track/Jr. High Basketball/Jr. High Football cclark@northlamar.net
Cooper, Thomas Asst. HS Football/Head Powerlifting tcooper@northlamar.net
Cormier, Christina Jr. High Volleyball/Jr. High Basketball ccormier@northlamar.net
Cowling, Michael Football/Track mcowling@northlamar.net
Craig, Kent Head Baseball/Jr. High Football kcraig@northlamar.net
Daniels, Don Jr. High Track/Jr. High Basketball/Jr. High Football ddaniels@northlamar.net
Davidson, Dayna HS Head Cheer ddavidson@northlamar.net
Davidson, Jarod JV Basketball/H.S. Football/Field Coordinator jdavidson@northlamar.net
Emeyabbi, Aaron Athletic Director/Head Football aemeyabbi@northlamar.net
Emeyabbi, Katie Head Girls Powerlifting/HS Track kemeyabbi@northlamar.net
Endsley, Ashley HS Head Softball/HS Volleyball aendsley@northlamar.net
Erickson, Shanon Swim serickson@northlamar.net
Fitzgerald, Nicole Athletic Secretary/Asst. Cheer HS nfitzgerald@northlamar.net
Ford, Misty HS Head Volleyball/Jr. High Track mford@northlamar.net
Gaines, Jairus Asst. HS Football/Special Teams Cord/HS Track jgaines@northlamar.net
Garner, Homer Head Tennis Coach/Head Boy's Basketball hgarner@northlamar.net
Harp, Brett Head Girls Basketball/Head Girls Golf bharp@northlamar.net
Hart, David H.S. Coordinator/HS Asst. Head Football Coach/HS Track dhart@northlamar.net
High, Jackie Sue Jr. High Coordinator/Jr. High Volleyball/Jr. High Head Track jhigh@northlamar.net
Igleheart, Scott HS Asst. Baseball/HS Asst. Football sigleheart@northlamar.net
Jordan, Josh Jr. High Football/HS Asst. Baseball jjordan@northlamar.net
McDowell, Hillory Jr. High Cheerleading hmcdowell@northlamar.net
McGuire, LeAnn Head Cross Country/HS Track lhenderson@northlamar.net
Moffitt, Ryan Jr. High Asst. Track/Asst. Varsity Boys Basketball rmoffitt@northlamar.net
Monds, Taqoya JV Girls Basketball/HS Track tmonds@northlamar.net
Nottingham, Cortnee Jr. High Cheerleading cnottingham@northlamar.net
Pasternak, David Jr. High Football/JV Soccer dpasternak@northlamar.net
Pointer, Michael HS Football/8th Grade Head Basketball mpointer@northlamar.net
Rea, Jonathan Jr. High Football/Jr. High Basketball jrea@northlamar.net
Shipman, Josh H.S. Coordinator/HS Football/HS Track jshipman@northlamar.net
Sims, Kenneth Jr. High Volleyball/Asst. Basketball ksims@northlamar.net
Smith, Chris Jr. High Football/H.S. Baseball chrissmith@northlamar.net
Watkins, Patrick Strength & Conditioning/HS Football pwatkins@northlamar.net
Weiss, Lisa Asst. Head HS Volleyball/Jr. High Basketball/Jr. High Track lweiss@northlamar.net
Welch, Aaron Filming/Head Boys Soccer awelch@northlamar.net
Bailey Intermediate School
Name Title/Position Email
Aguinaga, Patricia RTI Reading paguinage@northlamar.net
Allen, Betty Computer Assistant ballen@northlamar.net
Armstrong, Shayla PE sarmstrong@northlamar.net
Baker, Karen Library kbaker@northlamar.net
Bostic, Keia Chrome Lab Assistant kbostic@northlamar.net
Brady, Melissa PE Assistant mbrady@northlamar.net
Bramhall, Sandra RTI Reading sbramhall@northlamar.net
Brazeal, Michelle 4th Language Arts/Reading/Social Studies mbrazeal@northlamar.net
Byrd, Charity Extended Core Curriculum Assistant cbyrd@northlamar.net
Cannon, Jenene Music jcannon@northlamar.net
Chalupa, Keitha Counselor kchalupa@northlamar.net
Clayton, Dandria 4th Reading/Science/Social Studies dclayton@northlamar.net
Cobey, Aimee Assistant acobey@northlamar.net
Coe, Christi Special Education Inclusion ccoe@northlamar.net
Compton, Angela Principal acompton@northlamar.net
Cox, Holly Assistant hcox@northlamar.net
Daniels, Don PE Assistant ddaniels@northlamar.net
Davidson, Dayna 4th Math/Science ddavidson@northlamar.net
Easton, Michelle Dyslexia measton@northlamar.net
Erickson, Shanon Nurse serickson@northlamar.net
Fleming, Wendi Auditory Impairment Teacher wfleming@northlamar.net
Gordon, Maureen 4th Language Arts/Reading mgordon@northlamar.net
Harville, Kathy Special Education Inclusion kharville@northlamar.net
Heuberger, Tabetha 4th Math/Science theuberger@northlamar.net
Hudson, Amy Communication Specialist ahudson@northlamar.net
Johnson, Addy 5th Math/Science addyjohnson@northlamar.net
Johnson, Karen Special Education Inclusion kjohnson@northlamar.net
Keenum, Stephen 5th Language Arts/Math/Science skeenum@northlamar.net
Kennedy, Angelia 5th Reading/Language Arts/Social Studies akennedy@northlamar.net
Klingler, Roxanne Inclusion Assistant rklingler@northlamar.net
Klinkerman, Tammy Dyslexia tklinkerman@northlamar.net
Kuhlengel, Jennifer RTI Reading jkuhlengel@northlamar.net
Lacey, Kim 5th Reading/Science/Social Studies klacey@northlamar.net
Linch, Anna 4th Writing alinch@northlamar.net
Mason, Patricia Extended Core Curriculum pmason@northlamar.net
Michael, Patti Nurse Assistant pmichael@northlamar.net
Moreland, Brittany 4th Math/Science bmoreland@northlamar.net
Morris, Dustin Teacher dmorris@northlamar.net
Perry, Stephanie Assistant sperry@northlamar.net
Preston, Toni 5th Reading/Social Studies tpreston@northlamar.net
Reams, April Secretary areams@northlamar.net
Reaves, Heather 4th Math/Science hreaves@northlamar.net
Shackelford, Brenda 5th Math/Science bshackelford@northlamar.net
Sharrock, Hailey 5th Grade Reading/ELA/Social Studies hsharrock@northlamar.net
Smith, Kayla SPED Assistant kaylasmith@northlamar.net
Smith, Lauren Library Assistant lsmith@northlamar.net
Stephens, Cheryl Special Education Inclusion cstephens@northlamar.net
Sulsar, Angie Clerk asulsar@northlamar.net
Tucker, LaRhonda Assistant ltucker@northlamar.net
Walker, Molly Attendance Clerk mwalker@northlamar.net
Walters, Alexandria 4th Reading/Social Studies awalters@northlamar.net
Weemes, Christina RTI Math cweemes@northlamar.net
Career and Technology
Name Title/Position Email
Beall, Nancy CTE Secretary nbeall@northlamar.net
Bell, Jan Career and Technical Education jbell@northlamar.net
Garner, Kristi Career and Technical Education kgarner@northlamar.net
Middleton, Joyce Sp Ed CTE Assistant jmiddleton@northlamar.net
Page, Casey Career and Technical Education caseypage@northlamar.net
Parson, Yvonne Career and Technical Education yparson@northlamar.net
Penwell, Kyle Career and Technical Education kpenwell@northlamar.net
Pevey, Carrie Career and Technical Education cpevey@northlamar.net
Reaves, Jared Career and Technical Education jreaves@northlamar.net
Shannon, Angela Career and Technical Education ashannon@northlamar.net
Swaim, Patt Career and Technical Education pswaim@northlamar.net
Weatherford, Judy Career and Technical Education jweatherford@northlamar.net
Everett Elementary School
Name Title/Position Email
Allen, Melissa SPED Teacher mallen@northlamar.net
Allred, Debbie 2nd dallred@northlamar.net
Bishop, Stephanie 3rd sbishop@northlamar.net
Bland, Taylor 2nd tbland@northlamar.net
Bolton, Janna Secretary jbolton@northlamar.ent
Caldwell, Mark ECC Teacher mcaldwell@northlamar.net
Cannada, Ali 2nd acannada@northlamar.net
Culbertson, Suzanne 3rd sculbertson@northlamar.net
Davidson, Annette ISS Assistant adavidson@northlamar.net
Dollins, Dedra Sp Ed Success/Math Inclusion dedradollins@northlamar.net
Dyck, Madison 3rd mdyck@northlamar.net
Eads, JoNel 3rd jeads@northlamar.net
Emeyabbi, Cassidy Nurse cemeyabbi@northlamar.net
Fendley, Lara Gifted & Talented larafendley@northlamar.net
Figueroa, Casidy PEIMS Clerk cfigueroa@northlamar.net
Gifford, Debra 2nd/3rd Assistant dgifford@northlamar.net
Haage, Amy 2nd ahaage@northlamar.net
Hart, Marla 3rd mhart@northlamar.net
Haynie, Jennifer 2nd jhaynie@northlamar.net
Hazelwood, Patricia ECC Assistant phazelwood@northlamar.net
Johnson, Lynnette Librarian ljohnson@northlamar.net
Kays, Jana Success Assistant jkays@northlamar.net
Kilcrease, Jeri Library Assistant jkilcrease@northlamar.net
Klinkerman, Tammy Dyslexia tklinkerman@northlamar.net
Lane, Kara Math Lab klane@northlamar.net
Malone, Courtney Music courtneymalone@northlamar.net
McEwin, Jennifer Sp Ed Success Center jmcewin@northlamar.net
Michael, Doris 2nd dmichael@northlamar.net
Michael, Tammy 2nd Assistant tmichael@northlamar.net
Miller, Joni 3rd Assistant jmiller@northlamar.net
Mitchell, Jana Literacy jmitchell@northlamar.net
Parson, Rainey 3rd rparson@northlamar.net
Perry, Kim 2nd kperry@northlamar.net
Pierce, Amanda Computer Lab Assistant apierce@northlamar.net
Prunty, Tracey Physical Education teacher tprunty@northlamar.net
Rainey, Ruth 3rd rrainey@northlamar.net
Raulston, Ashley 2nd araulston@northlamar.net
Roberts, David Cafeteria Manager droberts@northlamar.net
Saffle, Molly Literacy msaffle@northlamar.net
Sanders, Lora Principal lsanders@northlamar.net
Sherwood, Sara 3rd ssherwood@northlamar.net
Stephens, Julie 2nd jstephens@northlamar.net
Strickland, Melvia Special Services Assistant mstrickland@northlamar.net
Thrasher, Cheryl Sp Ed /Math Inclusion/Success Center cthrasher@northlamar.net
Westbrook, Roxanne Nurse Assistant rwestbrook@northlamar.net
Whisenhunt, Regina PE Assistant rwhisenhunt@northlamar.net
Wideman, Kalli 2nd kwideman@northlamar.net
Food Services
Name Title/Position Email
McGregor, Diana Director dmcgregor@northlamar.net
Rachel Moody Secretary rmoody@northlamar.net
Name Title/Position Email
Higgins Elementary School
Name Title/Position Email
Ball, Marcia Music Assistant mball@northlamar.net
Barbee, Sandra PPCD Assistant sbarbee@northlamar.net
Barnett, Amanda Kindergarten abarnett@northlamar.net
Blanton, Kristen Kindergarten kblanton@northlamar.net
Bolton, Betsy Early Childhood bbolton@northlamar.net
Browining, Jeri PPCD Assistant jbrowning@northlamar.net
Burris, Melissa Pre-Kindergarten Assistant mburris@northlamar.net
Clark, Amber Counselor aclark@northlamar.net
Cox, Angie Pre-Kindergarten Assistant acox@northlamar.net
Davis, Jennifer 1st jdavis@northlamar.net
Eckstein, Sarah 1st seckstein@northlamar.net
Elmi, Marilyn Cafeteria Manager melmi@northlamar.net
Emeyabbi, Cassidy Nurse cemeyabbi@northlamar.net
Farmer, Carol Office Clerk cfarmer@northlamar.net
Ferguson, Edye PE eferguson@northlamar.net
Fleming, Darla 1st dfleming@northlamar.net
Fulton, Lisa Computer Lab Assistant lfulton@northlamar.net
Gibson, Melissa Reading Interventionist mgibson@northlamar.net
Godwin, Stacy Success Center Assistant sgodwin@northlamar.net
Halbert, Deana 1st Grade shalbert@northlamar.net
Harris, Melissa Secretary mharris@northlamar.net
Huesca, Teresa Assistant thuesca@northlamar.net
Johnson, Lynnette Librarian ljohnson@northlamar.net
Jones, Becky Kindergarten bjones@northlamar.net
Jordan, Lacey Learning Center Assistant ljordan@northlamar.net
Lasenbby, Yolanda 1st ylasenbby@northlamar.net
Layton, Kerri 1st klayton@northlamar.net
Leonard, Karen Kindergarten kleonard@northlamar.net
Liesman, Rebecca Sign Language Interpreter rliesman@northlamar.net
Long, Misty 1st mlong@northlamar.net
Lyles, Galyn PEIMS Clerk glyles@northlamar.net
Malone, Lori Principal lmalone@northlamar.net
McFarland, Barbara Fast Forward Assistant bmcfarland@northlamar.net
Miles, Connie Library Assistant cmiles@northlamar.net
Moody, Janna K-2 Literacy Coach jmoody@northlamar.net
Moseley, Kathy Oral Language kathymoseley@northlamar.net
O'Neal, Crickett 1st Grade coneal@northlamar.net
Owen, Lindsay Kindergarten lowen@northlamar.net
Peeples, Belinda Nurse Assistant bpeeples@northlamar.net
Penny, William PE Assistant wpenny@northlamar.net
Radford, Sierra ECC/K-1st Assistant sradford@northlamar.net
Rainey, Ruth Pre-Kindergarten rrainey@northlamar.net
Ray, Bailee Kindergarten broberts@northlamar.net
Risinger, Michelle ECC/K-1st Assistant mrisinger@northlamar.net
Sessums, Marla 1st msessums@northlamar.net
Stogsdill, Lauren 1st Grade lstogsdill@northlamar.net
Stone, Taylor ECC/K-1st Assistant tstone@northlamar.net
Stutsman, Penny Extended Core Curriculum K-1 pstutsman@northlamar.net
Vanderburg, Cheryl 1st cvanderburg@northlamar.net
Name Title/Position Email
Christian, Staci Instructor schristian@northlamar.net
Terrell, Delynda Homebound Teacher dterrell@northlamar.net
Name Title/Position Email
Landis, Rick Maintenance Director rlandis@northlamar.net
McMonigle, Tracy Secretary tmcmonigle@northlamar.net
Name Title/Position Email
" " "
North Lamar High School
Name Title/Position Email
Ausmus, Shannon Science/Counselor sausmus@northlamar.net
Ballard, Caleb Science cballard@northlamar.net
Ballard, Samatha Library Assistant sballard@northlama.nrt
Barker, Kathy Counselor kbarker@northlamar.net
Basden, Debbie Librarian dbasden@northlamar.net
Bennett, Kevan Special Services kbennett@northlamar.net
Blakely, Taniqua English tblakely@northlamar.net
Blakley, Stephanie Assistant sblakley@northlamar.net
Blount, Whitney Math wblount@northlamar.net
Boaz, Mike Law Enforcement mboaz@northlamar.net
Boyce,Roderick Assistant Band Director rboyce@northlamar.net
Bozarth, Wendy Online Courses wbozarth@northlamar.net
Brown, Wes Assistant Principal wbrown@northlamar.net
Bryant, Sarah SPED Eng. Resource Teacher sbryant@northlamar.net
Bussell, Teresa Science tbussell@northlamar.net
Chipman, Noah Ag Teacher nchipman@northlamar.net
Clark, Debbie Counselor dclark@northlamar.net
Coker, Chris English Teacher ccoker@northlamar.net
Cooper, Thomas DAEP Teacher/Coach tcooper@northlamar.net
Cormier, Christina PE Teacher ccormier@northlamar.net
Cowling, Michael Social Studies mcowling@northlamar.net
Craig, Kent Social Studies kcraig@northlamar.net
Cruz, Brenda Special Services Assistant bcruz@northlamar.net
Davis, LaDonna English ldavis@northlamar.net
Dizmond, Erin Floral Design Teacher edizmond@northlamar.net
Durand, Amy Foreign Language adurand@northlamar.net
Edwards, Beth Social Studies bedwards@northlamar.net
Endsley, Ashley Math Teacher/Coach aendsley@northlamar.net
Estep, Theresa Special Services Assistant testep@northlamar.net
Fitzgerald, Tammra Special Services Assistant tfitzgerald@northlamar.net
Fowzer, Pat Choir pfowzer@northlamar.net
Freeman, Johnnie Dyslexia jfreeman@northlamar.net
Fuller, Anna Associate Secretary afuller@northlamar.net
Fuller, Patrick Assistant Principal pfuller@northlamar.net
Gaines, Jairus PE/Social Studies jgaines@northlamar.net
Garner, Homer Social Studies hgarner@northlamar.net
Gomez, Cristian Dance Line cgomez@northlamar.net
Head, Cody Theatre Director chead@northlamar.net
Hildreth, Rebecca Choir Director rhildreth@northlamar.net
Hiller, Carolyn Math chiller@northlamar.net
Hodgkiss, Dennis Social Studies dhodgkiss@northlamar.net
Hodgkiss, Kristi Foreign Language khodgkiss@northlamar.net
Igleheart, Scott Social Studies sigleheart@northlamar.net
Jackson, Joyce Clerk jjackson@northlamar.net
Jones, Randy Band Director rjones@northlamar.net
Jones, Steve Social Studies sjones@northlamar.net
Jordan, Josh Special Services jjordan@northlamar.net
King, Amanda Teacher aking@northlamar.net
Kirk, Kendall Social Studies kkirk@northlamar.net
Kuhl, Sherry Special Services skuhl@northlamar.net
LaRue, Cheryl Journalism clarue@northlamar.net
Leonard, Julie Inclusion Teacher juliebrown@northlamar.net
McClesky, Stacy Math Teacher smcclesky@northlamar.net
McGuire, LeAnn Science/Math lmcguire@northlamar.net
McNabb, Glynese Special Services gmcnabb@northlamar.net
Melton, Kortney ESL Coordinator kmelton@northlamar.net
Miller, Lindsey English Teacher lmiller@northlamar.net
Mobley, Stacy Science smobley@northlamar.net
Moffitt, Ryan Math rmoffitt@northlamar.net
Monds, Taqoya Science tmonds@northlamar.net
Moore, Marlyn Special Services mmoore@northlamar.net
Moseley, Jackie Special Services Assistant jmoseley@northlamar.net
Moss, Patty Registrar pjmoss@northlamar.net
Nichols, Lydia Special Services lnichols@northlamar.net
Partridge, Janet PE/AVID jpartridge@northlamar.net
Patterson, Sandra Special Services spatterson@northlamar.net
Peel, Brandi Art bpeel@northlamar.net
Peel, Darlene Counselor dpeel@northlamar.net
Pharis, Cynthia Science cpharis@northlamar.net
Piper, Carla Cafeteria Manager cpiper@northlamar.net
Price, Terry Fine Arts Secretary tprice@northlamar.net
Pursifull, Tom Special Services tpursifull@northlamar.net
Rhea, Christi English crhea@northlamar.net
Russell, Elizabeth Principal's Secretary lrussell@northlamar.net
Russell, Mark English mrussell@northlamar.net
Russell, Shelley Spanish Teacher srussell@northlamar.net
Russell, Timothy Business Ed Teacher trussell@northlamar.net
Scarborough, Clayton Principal cscarborough@northlamar.net
Sims, Kenneth Social Studies ksims@northlamar.net
Smith, Cheryl Special Services Assistant csmith@northlamar.net
Smith, Jason Band Associate Director jsmith@northlamar.net
Soliz, Amber Chem/Physics asoliz@northlamar.net
St. John, William Foreign Language wstjohn@northlamar.net
Starnes, Missy Assistant Principal mstarnes@northlamar.net
Thompson, Georgia Special Services Assistant gthompson@northlamar.net
Tingen, Doil Science dtingen@northlamar.net
Tuttle, Pam Special Services Assistant ptuttle@northlamar.net
Van Deaver, Viviana Spanish Teacher vvandeaver@northlamar.net
Walker, Robert Assistant rwalker@northlamar.net
Walker, Susan Special Services Assistant swalker@northlamar.net
Welch, Aaron Special Services awelch@northlamar.net
Wideman, Justine Nurse jwideman@northlamar.net
Winfrey, Linda English lwinfrey@northlamar.net
Wood, Debbie Special Services dwood@northlamar.net
Woodard, Randy Special Services rwoodard@northlamar.net
Parker Elementary School
Name Title/Position Email
Ashby, Bettie Intervention bashby@northlamar.net
Baker, Karen Librarian kbaker@northlamar.net
Bolton, Amy Dyslexia abolton@northlamar.net
Brakebill, Jeri 1st jbrakebill@northlamar.net
Briggle, Katie Head Start kbriggle@northlamar.net
Cooper, Kaye Literacy Intervention kcooper@northlamar.net
Crawford, Tiffani Math Intervention tcrawford@northlamar.net
Creamer, Britany Kindergarten bcreamer@northlamar.net
Creamer, Katrina Computer Lab Assistant kcreamer@northlamar.ent
Denman, Lisa PE ldenman@northlamar.net
Dobbs, Amber Assistant adobbs@northlamar.net
Edmonson, Valerie Sp Ed Assistant vedmonson@northlamar.net
Erickson, Shanon Nurse serickson@northlamar.net
Fore, Jennifer PE Assistant jfore@northlamar.net
Hicks, Vivian Clerk vhicks@northlamar.net
Hughes, Connie Kindergarten Assistant chughes@northlamar.net
Hughes, Kristin Principal khughes@northlamar.net
Hutchings, Nicole Assistant nhutchings@northlamar.net
Hutchison, Marion 5th ELAR/Social Studies mhutchison@northlamar.net
Jenkins, Ashlie Assistant ajenkins@northlamar.net
Jennings, Lesley 4th ljennings@northlamar.net
Johnson, Kim 5th Math kimjohnson@northlamar.net
Kelley, Trudy 1st tkelley@northlamar.net
King, Phyllis Special Education pking@northlamar.net
Landis, Sue Assistant slandis@northlamar.net
LaVoy, Melissa 3rd Math/Social Studies mlavoy@northlamar.net
Luce, Carol 4th cluce@northlamar.net
Malone, Courtney Music courtneymalone@northlamar.net
Malone, Sharla Reading Interventionist smalone@northlamar.net
McGee, Donna Sp Ed Assistant dmcgee@northlamar.net
McKinney, Laura 2nd ELAR lmckinney@northlamar.net
McNeece, Julie Secretary jmcneece@northlamar.net
Moseley, Kathy Fast Forward/Oral Language kathymoseley@northlamar.net
Niblett, Teresa Kindergarten tniblett@northlamar.net
Oliver, Lisa Assistant loliver@northlamar.net
Page, Tiffany Counselor tpage@northlamar.net
Peek, Wendy 3rd ELAR wpeek@northlamar.net
Ramsey, Robbie Nurse Assistant rramsey@northlamar.net
Russell, Stephanie Cafeteria Manager srussell@northlamar.net
Rutherford, Jennifer Science jrutherford@northlamar.net
Wilkerson, Ashely 4th ELAR awilkerson@northlamar.net
Public Relations
Name Title/Position Email
Coleman, Carla Director ccoleman@northlamar.net
Doyal, Launa Web Administrator ldoyal@northlamar.net
Special Services
Name Title/Position Email
Bankston, JoAnna Occupational Therapist joannabankston@northlamar.net
Bivens, Shelly (K-12) ELAR Instructional Coach sbivens@northlamar.net
Blackshear, Kristi Visually Impaired Teacher kblackshear@northlamar.net
Burton, Wendi Special Education Supervisor wburton@northlamar.net
Campbell, Courtney Speech Therapist Assistant ccampbell@northlamar.net
Caswell, Brianne Speech Therapist Assistant bcaswell@northlamar.net
Chadwick, Blake Speech Therapist Assistant bchadwick@northlamar.net
Cooper, Christie Secretary - Speech Therapist ccooper@northlamar.net
Cooper, Jenifer Diagnostician jcooper@northlamar.net
Dority, Mindy Physical Therapist mdority@northlamar.net
Downs, Debbie Sp Ed Secretary ddowns@northlamar.net
Fowler, Shelle Speech Therapist Assistant sfowler@northlamar.net
Freeman, Johnnie Dyslexia/Diagnostian jfreeman@northlamar.net
Igleheart, Tonya Interim Special Education Director tigleheart@northlamar.net
McLaughlin, Ella (K-12) Math Instructional Coach emclaughlin@northlamar.net
Moss, Nikki Secretary nmoss@northlamar.net
Newberry, Carol Diagnostician cnewberry@northlamar.net
Nutt, Georjeana Occupational Therapist gnutt@northlamar.net
Page, Cathey Speech Therapist cpage@northlamar.net
Pope, Wes LSSP wpope@northlamar.net
Price, Leslie Autism Unit Teacher lprice@northlamar.net
Sawyer, Maria Deaf Education Interpreter msawyer@northlamar.net
Smith, Kayla Speech Therapist ksmith@northlamar.net
Thompson, Sheila O&M Specialist sthompson@northlamar.net
Vanderburg, Heather Assessment Facilitator hvanderburg@northlamar.net
Wheeler, Kenda Speech Therapist kwheeler@northlamar.net
White, Brittney LMSW/Transition Coordinator bwhite@northlamar.net
Whitley, Tuttle ARD Facilitator twhitley@northlamar.net
Wood, Debbie Dyslexia Therapist dwood@northlamar.net
Stone Middle School
Name Title/Position Email
Adams, James Choir jadams@northlamar.net
Allee, Sally ECC Assistant sallee@northlama.net
Allen, Jamie Resource Science/PE jamieallen@northlamar.net
Anderson, Janet Cafeteria Manager janderson@northlamar.net
Anderson, Marla Counselor manderson@northlamar.net
Anderson, Michelle Band manderson@northlamar.net
Blackshear, Lindsey Study Skills/Health lblackshear@northlamar.net
Brown, Shawna 6th/7th Science sbrown@northlamar.net
Brown, Teresa Clerk tbrown@northlamar.net
Bryan, Ashley Art abryan@northlamar.net
Bryant, Jennifer Speech/Reading Readiness jbryant@northlamar.net
Bryant, Martin Texas History mbryant@northlamar.net
Bullard, Kimberly 7th Math kbullard@northlamar.net
Carder, Leddy 6th Study Skills/Health lcarder@northlamar.net
Carr, Shonda 8th Language Arts/Reading Readiness scarr@northlamar.net
Chalupa, Chad Spanish/ESL cchalupa@northlamar.net
Clark, Chris PE cclark@northlamar.net
Clark, Loy Dean Assistant Principal lclark@northlamar.net
Cobb, Cindy Language Arts ccobb@northlamar.net
Craig, Tammy 6th Science/Garden Science tcraig@northlamar.net
Dagenhart, Kelli 6th Inclusion Assistant kdagenhart@northlamar.net
Darby, Kandace ISS Assistant kdarby@northlamar.net
Denman, Matt U.S. History mdenman@northlamar.net
Dibble, Jodi Assistant jdibble@northlamar.net
Dunn, Sherry Math/Keyboarding sdunn@northlamar.net
Duren, Ella 6th Science eduren@northlamar.net
Easton, Stephanie 7th Science seaston@northlamar.net
Elliott, Karen Fine Arts Teacher kelliott@northlamar.net
Elrod, Jennifer Nurse jelrod@northlamar.net
Emeyabbi, Katie Athletics kemeyabbi@northlamar.net
Ervin, Gina Band gervin@northlamar.net
Felker, Kenda Fine Arts/Study Skills/Health/Resource SS kfelker@northlamar.net
Ford, Misty SPED Teacher/Coach mford@northlamar.net
Glossup, Jeremy Science/Robotics jglossup@northlamar.net
Hart, David Athletics dhart@northlamar.net
Head, Merita Counselor mhead@northlamar.net
Henry, Markita Assistant mhenry@northlamar.net
Henson, Christie 8th ELAR chenson@northlamar.net
Hess, Sara Journalism/Texas History shess@northlamar.net
High, Jackie Sue 7th Inclusion/Girls Athletics jhigh@northlamar.net
Holdeman, Angela Special Education aholdeman@northlamar.net
Jacie Nelson ELA Teacher jnelson@northlamar.net
Jarrell, Jerry Librarian jjarrell@northlamar.net
Johnson, Tracy Math tjohnson@northlamar.net
Jordan, Casey Texas History cjordan@northlamar.net
Kirby, Alice ECC/ESL akirby@northlamar.net
Kropp, Shelly ECC Assistant skropp@northlamar.net
McDowell, Hillory 7th Math/Cheerleading hmcdowell@northlamar.net
McGuire, Tammy Sp Ed Inclusion Assistant tsmcguire@northlamar.net
McHam, Sheila ECC Assistant smcham@northlamar.net
Miller, Lindsey Assistant Principal lmiller@northlamar.net
Minter, Raven Choir rminter@northlamar.net
Morales, Ana Inclusion Assistant amorales@northlamar.net
Murdock, Cherie 7th Language Arts cmurdock@northlamar.net
Murillo, Rebecca Drama rmurillo@northlamar.net
Nelson, Jacie ELAR jacienelson@northlamar.net
Noble, Renee Secretary rnoble@northlamar.net
Nottingham, Cortnee Language Arts cnottingham@northlamar.net
Pasternak, David 8th Outdoor Ed/U.S. History dpasternak@northlamar.net
Pfiester, Karen 6th Inclusion kpfiester@northlamar.net
Pointer, Michael History/Coach mpointer@northlamar.net
Rea, Jonathan SS Teacher/Coach jrea@northlamar.net
Romans, Julie 6th Math jromans@northlamar.net
Routon, Sharon Math Lab srouton@northlamar.net
Sanders, Kenny 7th Science/Ag ksanders@northlamar.net
Sanders, Shirley Nurse Assistant ssanders@northlamar.net
Scott, Stormie Secretary sscott@northlamar.net
Sharrock, Janie Math Lab jsharrock@northlamar.net
Shipman, Josh Pre-Athletics jshipman@northlamar.net
Slider, Shelia Resource Lang/Math sslider@northlamar.net
Smith, Chris 8th Math chrissmith@northlamar.net
Stewart, Kelli Principal kwstewart@northlamar.net
Stone, Lessia 6th/8th Extended Core Curriculum lessiastone@northlamar.net
Tellez, Joseph 8th Computer Applications jtellez@northlamar.net
Vukcevich, Gala Language Arts gvukcevich@northlamar.net
Weiss, Lisa Athletics/Resource SS lweiss@northlamar.net
Williams, Renee Sp Ed Assistant rwilliams@northlamar.net
Womack, Donna Library/Office/Dyslexia Assistant dwomack@northlamar.net
Name Title/Position Email
Herre, John Specialist jherre@northlamar.net
Ingram, Jodie Instructional Coordinator jingram@northlamar.net
Parson, Glenda Coordinator gparson@northlamar.net
Preas, David Specialist dpreas@northlamar.net
Name Title/Position Email
Hildreth, Clint Transportation Director childreth@northlamar.net
McMonigle, Tracy Secretary tmcmonigle@northlamar.net
Merritt, Jake Supervisor jmerritt@northlamar.net
Tidwell, Linda Assistant ltidwell@northlamar.net
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