North Lamar ISD - School Resource Officers
Officer Boaz

Campus Assignment:
North Lamar High School
Alternative School

Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) Instructor
(Middle School Level)

Criminal Justice Instructor
(High School Level)
Officer Akard

Campus Assignment:
North Lamar High School
Bailey Intermediate
Everett Elementary
Higgins Elementary
Parker Elementary

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Instructor
(Elementary School Level)
Officer Dagenhart

Campus Assignment:
Stone Middle School
Alternative School

Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) Instructor
(Middle School Level)
School Resource Officers (SRO) and the School Community
Collaboration between Law Enforcement Officers and schools is an important step in increasing school safety.  The SRO program places a police officer in the elementary, middle and high schools with the goal of creating and maintaining a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment for students, teachers, and staff.  The SRO program reflects the community’s desire to ensure that it’s schools are safe and secure.  SRO’s represent a proactive strategy designed to bring prevention and intervention into the schools.  The Law Enforcement Officers involved with the school community identifies and prioritizes problems and develops solutions. The school community includes the superintendent, administrators, principals and assistant principals; teachers and assistants; counselors, school nurses, school social workers and psychologists; bus drivers, custodians, maintenance and cafeteria personnel; students and parents. In a School Resource Officer program, the members of the school community partner with the Law Enforcement Officer assigned to their school in order to create a setting that is safe and secure, with a focus on prevention and early intervention activities.

Without a doubt, the most important relationships for the SRO to cultivate are relationships with the students. Getting youth actively involved in the School Resource Officer program can help the SRO to build rapport with students; reduce stereotypes of police officers; provide opportunities for youth be involved in the improvement of their school; and promote crime and delinquency prevention.
Officer Boaz and his assignment

Officer Boaz is a native to Paris, Texas and a graduate from Paris High School (1985) and Commerce Department of Public Safety (1990) with instruction in Law Enforcement. His career in Law Enforcement began as a Delta County Jailer/911 Dispatcher in 1989. He joined the Lamar County Sheriff's Department as a Field Deputy in 1990 where he worked in civil process, investigations and was an intoxilyzer operator.  He joined the Paris Police Department in 1995 as a 911 Dispatcher and became a Police Officer in 1996. Officer Boaz was assigned to North Lamar ISD as a School Resource Officer in February of 2003.

Officer Boaz assists the Student Crime Stoppers Program along with Coordinator Billy Copeland. North Lamar Student Crime Stoppers has received numerous awards from the State of Texas. Due to the excellent participation in these programs, numerous investigations have been conducted and many crimes have been solved.

Officer Boaz teaches a Law Enforcement Class in the Career and Technology Department at North Lamar High School.  Law Enforcement is a discipline that encompasses the preservation and protection of social order in a free society. It includes such principles as democracy, rule of law, constitutionalism, civil liberties, and the safeguarding of citizens against intimidation and oppression. The Law Enforcement curriculum which is based on the criminal justice core, is designed to prepare students for higher education or entering careers in law enforcement. Graduates are expected to continue their personal and professional development in a variety of law enforcement settings.

Officer Boaz currently carries a Master Peace Officer License with the State of Texas. His other licenses consist of County Jail Operations, Telecommunications Operator, F.B.I. Latent Finger Print Identification and numerous other certifications such as a certified School Resource Officer and investigative proficiency certifications. Officer Boaz has 24 years experience in Law Enforcement and was named Officer of the Year by his peers in 1998.

Officer Akard and his assignment
Officer Akard is from the Paris area and is a 1989 Prairiland High School graduate.  His law enforcement career started in 1995 with the Paris Police Department.  In August 2003, he was assigned to the patrol division of the police department and as a North Lamar ISD School Resource Officer.

Officer Akard teaches Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) classes to 5th grade students at Bailey Intermediate and Parker Elementary.  The DARE program is a 10 week program that centers around the importance of making good decisions.  It covers topics such as the harmful effects of tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, and inhalants and also covers friendships and peer pressure.  When not teaching DARE, Officer Akard visits Higgins, Everett, Bailey, and Parker campuses to meet with the Kindergarten through 4th grade classes to help build the relationship between the younger students and the resource officers.
Officer Dagenhart and his assignment
Officer Dagenhart is a graduate from Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas. He is honorably retired from the United States Army. Officer Dagenhart and his family returned to Paris where he began his career in Law Enforcement in 2007.
He was assigned as a School Resource Officer in August of 2010. Officer Dagenhart is assigned to Stone Middle School and North Lamar Alternative School and will share duties with Officer Boaz and Officer Akard. Character education classes are taught to students to educate them on how to set goals, identify positive role models and create a better relationship between students and police officers. He also assists in current classes like D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T. Along with classes, Dagenhart also conducts visits with students at elementary level to help create a positive relationship with students at a younger level.
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