North Lamar ISD - Counseling and Guidance Services
The purpose of the North Lamar ISD Counseling and Guidance Program is to promote and to enhance the learning process. School counselors work closely with administrators, teachers, parents, students, and the community to support the North Lamar ISD mission and to accomplish goals which focus on academic success, career information, and personal/social development. Please contact the school counselor with any questions regarding the counseling program at your school.

Clicking the school or counselors' names below will take you to thier individual web sites.
NLHS Counselors
Kathy Barker
Debbie Clark
Carla Moffitt
Darlene Peel

Stone Middle School Counselors
Lora Sanders - 7th & 8th grade
Marla George - 6th grade

Bailey Intermediate Counselor
Keitha Chalupa

Parker Elementary Counselor
Randy Dollins

Everett Elementary Counselor
Christie Welch

Higgins Elementary Counselor
Amber Clark