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North Lamar Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees acts as the school district's policy-making body and is the official representative of the people for all public education in North Lamar Independent School District. The Board functions according to state and federal laws, the rules and regulations established by the State Board of Education, and the Texas Education Agency.

The seven members of the Board are elected at-large and serve three-year staggered terms without compensation.  Elections are conducted on the second Saturday in May.

The Board of Trustees elects a president, vice-president, and secretary to serve one-year terms. It selects and employs the superintendent and delegates the responsibility and authority for the operation of the school district to the superintendent. The superintendent advises Board members on all matters concerning school management.

The Board of Trustees meets regularly on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Special meetings are called when necessary. All meetings are open to the public and are subject to provisions of Texas Law.

2014-2015 School Board

Front Row: Kyle Coston, Kristi Trammell, and Stephen 'Red' Holmes
Back Row:  Amy Stephens (secretary), Tim Stone (vice-president),Dr. Janice Gibbons, and Paul Drake (president)